Maize Yellow Corn

Yellow corn, also known as corn, and recognized worldwide as a significant energy animal feed ingredient in the diets. The use of white and yellow corn for high‐protein supplements or expensive synthetic amino acids in diets containing a large proportion of Yellow Corn (Maize). Yellow corn animal feed suppliers Know these facts very well.

Yellow corn for animal feed suppliers is like gold. Therefore, extensive studies have been done by yellow corn breeders on the world maize germplasms collection. For wholesale yellow corn suppliers, the aim is to improve its nutritional value, particularly protein quality for monogastric animals. This yellow corn suppliers research assesses the genetic enhancement of nutritional quality. The Yellow corn protein culminates in the development of a new class. This Maize is also known as “Quality Protein Maize (QPM)”.









Maize (Yellow corn) provides more feed for farm animals than any other cereal grain production worldwide. For example, over 65% of the yellow corn maize suppliers are selling it for animal feed.

There is a rapid increase in poultry production in developing countries in Asia. It is a significant factor contributing to the high demand for yellow corn for livestock feeding. Yellow corn suppliers in Pakistan recognize this opportunity.

Yellow corn is one of the most grown grain for feeding domestic birds. That’s why buy it as wholesale corn. Its dietary energy value is the way higher among cereals. It has very low variability between years for a given region.

Corn for animal feed is essential for livestock and is a significant source of starch. There are varieties of Yellow Corn (Maize)  like forage, hay, and grain. Maize seller always has different variants of this feed so they can satisfy the needs of every customer.


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Although Yellow corn grains are relatively low in total protein and generally low in lysine as well. The shortcomings are getting better by the appropriate blending of animal products or mixing with legumes and oilseed products. This does not increase yellow maize price,

These most apparent combinations in such blending, the mixture produce higher protein than the maize component alone. Other than this, animal products, legumes, and oilseed cakes improve the quality of protein in Maize. Maize meal suppliers always recommend this procedure.

Supplementing them with limiting amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan can do the trick. This is known as protein supplementation. Otherwise, legumes and oilseed cakes, which have a deficiency of methionine, can be supplement through maize grains as well. These are not deficient in this amino acid. Freeline Holdings Sdn Bhd as yellow corn importters does all these procedures.

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Yellow colour maize generally more prominent on lighter or more expose soils. It can react better to colder conditions. If plants of the yellow Maize are on the south-facing slopes on the wet ground for high-quality Maize. Yellow Corn at Freeline Holdings Sdn Bhd has high nutrient content and better quality.

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