Everyone’s need

Smooth and flexible mechanism to reduce the discomfort for long seating complete with ergonomic waistguard.


The overall design meets ergonomic needs while offering ease of use. LUCIA has a distinguished shape with its light, sleek and transparent design. LUCIA lines represent autonomy and mutability at the same time. The distinctive back design, contributes to its distinctive appearance.


AERO is an ergonomic task chair designed to support you all day with intuitive controls and infinite color combinations. It is a versatile solution for you and your workspace. AERO works hard and looks good doing it.


With its sympathetic looks and lightweight frame, VELO is the perfect fit for any work place. It presents a unibody design, along with the armrests. Stylish and modern in its vivid geometry, VELO helps its user develop a healthier sitting habit during extended periods of desk-bound work.


Optimum Comfort

For most, comfort is prioritized about all aspects in life. Realizing this, the Ergo is created to imbue the lifestyles of the discerning few who are content with comfortable seating solutions.


A Seat For Every Task

Variations for a wide range of office environments, completed by matching chairs for visitors and conference rooms.


Unchallenged Luxury

Tasteful crafted the Pegaso Collection is for those who truly understand what true luxury means. With this mind, this complete seating solution with gratify any seating connoisseur with its quality & supreme practically.


Space Utilization

The Strand folding chair is a practical and ideal design combining fashion and modern construction. This chair offers a foldable seat allowing you to maximize office space and simplify storage.


Defining Status Radiating Eminence

Treat yourself with the collection of classic yet sophisticated masterpieces. Each one personifying unparalleled quality & designed with luxury in mind. Illustrate your refined taste & let others be mesmerized.


Attention At Every Detail

Premium is a versatile ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to today’s work environment. With it’s combination of detail and workmanship, allowed user to realize Premium’s calm and refined design.